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Our Offerings

First Steps Driving School has over 40+ years of experience teaching all experience levels of beginning drivers; from the first day of a driving permit to licensed drivers with several years of driving experience. We are committed to helping each student driver reach his or her full potential as a safe, perceptive, defensive driver. In doing so, we teach driving fundamentals by putting student drivers in different driving situations to help them gain experiences that they will use throughout their many years of safe driving. Some of the driving situations and environments we will be experiencing are listed below:

Residential Parking:
Angle, Perpendicular
& Parallel
Bad Weather:
Rain, Snow, Fog, Etc.
(Depends on time of year)
Rural Highways Vehicle Malfunctions
Open Highway Expressways What to do when you breakdown
Parking Lots School Zones Drills to improve driving
Business Areas City Areas & more!


Driving Education Programs

These are your choices for our Driver Education Programs at First Steps Driving School:

  • 6 Hours BTW ($390): Includes 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel driving instruction for a flat fee of $390 paid on or before your first lesson.
  • Pay as you go: Individual rate for each scheduled driving session, paid on or before your lesson.

    Time Cost
    1hr $90
    1 1/2hr $120
    2 hrs $160
  • Online Driver Education ($99): Driver Theory class through an online format. It includes an online class equivalent to 30 hours of classroom instruction. Students must pass all quizzes and tests to complete our online class successfully. Furthermore, students can use our online class to help prepare for their Driver Permit examination. The flat fee for the online class is $99.

  • 6 Hour Bundle ($440): Combination of our 6 hours BTW and our online driver education course. This package includes the online class ($99 value) + 6 hours of Behind-The-Wheel instruction ($400 value) for a flat fee of $440..

If interested in our services, please leave your contact information so that
we can get in touch with you to start your driver's education experience. Remember to indicate the driving package that you would prefer so that we can best service your needs.

First Steps Driving Tip

TAKE YOUR TIME AND SLOW DOWN -- by slowing down and controlling your speed you give yourself more time to react to unexpected roadway conditions and the actions of other vehicles or pedestrians on the roadway.

Student Application

Download our student application, provided below in two convenient document types: Word or PDF.

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